Customised Partner Search

Outsourced support to search for and qualify potential distributor partners

Our experienced researchers will investigate the target market for potential partners who have a close fit to the needs of a manufacturers
particular products. These services are particularly useful if the products are very niche, if very specific types of distributors are needed or
if the international business development manager has limited time or internal resources for the research.

Project proposals are taylored for each client but as a guideline we have 2 levels of service depending upon the level of support needed.

BCP Gold

BCP Gold
A customised shortlist of potential partners who are already representing complementary and competitor manufacturers.
Our simple process begins with us requesting you to complete our BCP Gold Form, where we ask you to supply information about the type of products your ideal distributor should have in their portfolio.

Our analysts will then choose the most appropriate companies from our database and will complete further specific cross-referencing searches by product type and application in your chosen country or countries. Clients will receive a customised report with those distributors who most closely match what you are looking for, usually no more than 20 companies. The report will include verified contact details and a list of the manufacturers each distributor currently represents. 

'We’ve had a great experience with BioChannel Partners, I warmly recommend all of those who look for partners to hire/use BioChannel. We had quick feedback and excellent quality on the leads and are now looking forward to do business in the UK!'
Jenny Svensson, MSc, Marketing, Medicago AB, Sweden


BCP Platinum

BCP Platinum
A qualified shortlist (approximately 4-6 companies) will be presented with a detailed company profile. They will have been selected, according to criteria set in the planning phase of the project, from our database and other networking sources. Information retrieved from the distributors who have indicated that they are interested in discussing partnership will depend upon your specific requirements but may include, e.g. number of sales representatives, turnover, references from other manufacturers, sales and marketing activities, technical service, storage facilities etc.

As a client, you will be asked to complete our BCP Platinum Form to supply information which will enable us to develop a profile of your ideal distributor. We also request that you to give us enough information about your company and products so that we can present you to potential partners in terms which will be appealing to distributors. Process Summary

'BioChannel Partners recommended the Platinum service based on my requirements and I was extremely happy with the results.  Sharon completely understood my company’s needs and the short list of distributors presented to me meant I was able to pick and choose who to work with.  I highly recommend BioChannel Partners and the services they offer.'
Giuseppe Losito, Sales Manager, FASTER S.R.L. Italy

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