BCP Platinum

A short list of distributors will be prepared that operate in particular geographical locations, have complementary products in their portfolio and the sales, management, facilities and support structures required for your specific product lines.

Target distributors are contacted by BioChannel Partners on your behalf to assess their suitability. The top candidates will have indicated that they are definitely interested in the negotiation of distributor agreements. We also contact their other suppliers for references!

Careful planning and methodical implementation ensures that the best distributor for your specific products will be found!

A brief summay of our process:

 Planning -> Research -> Contact -> Qualification -> Report


 1.    Planning
The objective of this stage is to clearly define the parameters of the project by creating a profile of the attributes of your ideal distributor. We also gather information which will enable us to answer questions about the company that the distributors are most likely to ask. The on-line BCP Platinum Form should be completed by the client, which will be followed up by a teleconference to further fine tune and agree the ‘ideal distributor profile’.

2.    Research
The secondary research phase involves identifying and screening potential partners who have complementary and/or competitive products in their portfolio who operate in the target geographical area.

3.    Contact
An introduction to your company will be prepared in terms which will appeal to a distributor (as opposed to end users).  At this stage, the company identity can be kept anonymous, if required. The introductory information is sent to the target list of distributors, if necessary in the local language. We will proactively follow up all contacts and answer any queries.

4.    Qualification
When data has been collected from the potential partners, it will be analysed and qualified. A second wave of communication will be sent to those who match the basic criteria needed so that further qualification data can be collected and analysed. Target distributors are requested to complete the on-line distributor profile form and answer any specific questions to help the client to qualify the potential partners. References from other manufacturers who have a relationship with the potential distributor will be gathered to verify reliability/credibility/reputation.

5.    Report
A report detailing the 4-6 distributors who fulfil the ‘ideal distributor profile’ most closely and who have expressed a clear interest in representing the client’s products will be submitted.