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BioChannel Partners Ltd specialises in the search and evaluation of distributors in the life sciences and analytical laboratory field.

Our researchers all have a scientific background and can help you to profile distributors who are already visiting your target customers. The company was established in 2003 to assist distributor managers with the time-consuming task of identifying relevant, credible distributors in home and export markets.

A customised relational database of over 20,000 companies in this specific niche industry has been developed to enable international business development managers to find the right strategic partners quickly. A range of services, from access to our directory of potential partners to in-depth qualification of the best possible distributors in your chosen regions, is available.

Manufacturers who have a significant gap between actual sales and potential sales in any geographical region will find this service invaluable.

Sobre Nosotros

BioChannel Partners Ltd se especializa en la búsqueda y evaluación de los distribuidores en las ciencias de la vida y el campo de análisis de laboratorio.
Nuestros investigadores tienen una base científica y pueden ayudar a que el perfil de distribuidores que ya están visitando a sus clientes objetivo. La empresa fue fundada en 2003 para ayudar a los gerentes de distribución con la tediosa tarea de identificar a los distribuidores relevantes, creíbles en el hogar y los mercados de exportación.

De Nous

BioChannel se spécialise dans la recherche et l'évaluation des distributeurs dans le secteur des Sciences de la Vie et sur le marché d'analyse en laboratoire.

Nos chercheurs ont tous une formation scientifique et peuvent vous aider à profiler des distributeurs qui rendent déjà visite à vos clients cibles. L'entreprise a été créée en 2003 pour aider les gestionnaires de distribution avec la tâche fastidieuse de l'identification pertinente et à trouver des distributeurs crédibles sur les marchés intérieurs et d'exportation.


Key People

Sharon Eaton

Managing Director: Sharon Eaton MBA

Sharon has worked in the Life Sciences industry (Amersham International, Roche/Boehringer Mannheim, Kodak Scientific Imaging Systems, Invitrogen) since 1987, gaining experience in R&D, regulatory compliance, sales, marketing and distributorship. She was an international channel partner manager in Europe, Eastern Europe, CIS and the Middle East. Products that she managed have ranged from commodity and cutting edge consumables, laboratory equipment, high tech instrumentation and software. Sharon founded BioChannel Partners Limited in 2003 to help busy distributor managers find candidates to introduce and manage sales of their products in new, international markets. A systematic process and a proprietary database containing profiles of over 21,000 firms has been developed which enables a client to quickly identify compatible, active distributors.

Sharon has an MBA from Strathclyde University Business School.

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Mob: +44 789 008 7279

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Frank F Craig

Chairman: Frank F. Craig PhD MBA

Dr Craig has over 20 years of international, general management experience gained from GlaxoSmithKline, Amersham Biosciences (as a Vice-President of R&D) and several start-up firms. He was responsible for managing product development of Green Fluorescent Protein (first identified by the 2008 Nobel Prize Winners for Chemistry) and many other products and services for the Life Sciences industry. Frank is a (co)-Founder of Aurora Biosciences (San Diego, USA), which had a peak market cap. of £1.6 billion. He was also a co-Founder and CEO of Smart Holograms (Cambridge, UK) - named as the UK's Fastest Growing Company. Frank has raised £16 million in Venture Capital, £23 million via an IPO on NASDAQ and has delivered many commercial partnerships with global Life Sciences and Energy firms - resulting in recorded deal values of £180 million. He has been a Board Director of Smart Holograms and TekCel (Hopkinton, USA). Frank is currently the CEO of Sphere Fluidics, commercialising new lab-on-a-chip and picodroplet technology from Cambridge University.

He has a PhD in Cell Biology and Microbiology from Glasgow University and an MBA from Warwick Business School.

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 Julie Ravenscroft

Julie Ravenscroft: Database Manager

After several years in the legal profession, Julie joined an international corporate service company where she trained as a Business Analyst and a Project Manager.  Julie has over 20 years experience in business and IT projects, including bringing new products to market, both for her own organisation and for 3rd party companies, corporate company re-branding, as well as playing a key role in wider corporate projects such as the Year 2000 worldwide changes.  Her legal and analysis background ensures she has a keen eye for accuracy and detail.

Julie joined BioChannel Partners in 2009 to take responsibility for management of the database content with a key focus on data quality.

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 Luciano Lopes

Luciano Lopes: Partnering Consultant

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Luciano is experienced across a diverse portfolio of clinical and operational management in the Life Sciences industry (Escola Paulista de Medicina, Delboni Auriemo, DASA SA, NHS) since 1989. He has experience in Project Management, Business Development, Customer Service and processes review and optimisation. In his role at Delboni Auriemo, Luciano was a strategic player in the expansion of Delboni Auriemo brand, specifically in the opening of new branches around the Country.

He is passionate about facilitating connections between people and organisations.