The bespoke partnering services, where we shortlist partners for you, freeing up your time to focus on developing business with your current partners.
Our consultants will work with you to clearly define the attributes of your ideal partner and get to work on identifying companies who match your criteria most closely.

We have 2 options, depending upon how much support you need to qualify your target partners.

BCP Gold

Our consultants will work with you to clearly define the product portfolio of your ideal channel partner, we will then do the research for you and present the top 15-20 updated company profiles who match your needs most closely. Companies are selected on product portfolio compatibility. Profiles are updated with the latest contact information and relationships with other partners.

The BCP Gold service will save you an enormous amount of time and you can be reassured that the best possible companies in your target area have been selected for you to contact and qualify further.

BCP Platinum

Optional upgrade from BCP Gold is BCP Platinum where we will take your project to identify new partners to the next stage. The candidates identified at the BCP Gold stage will be contacted by our consultants on your behalf. They will be presented with an introduction about your company and a customised questionnaire. 

The outcome will be a shortlist of carefully selected potential partners who have expressed interest in representing your company in their region. References for the top candidates will be gathered, so all you need to do is interview and select from the best!