The bespoke partnering services, where we shortlist partners for you, freeing up your time to focus on developing business with your current partners.
Our consultants will work with you to clearly define the attributes of your ideal partner and get to work on identifying companies who match your criteria most closely.

Our process to identify the best partner for you is Robust, Methodical, Comprehensive and Objective!

We have 2 options, depending upon how much support you need to qualify your target partners.

BCP Gold

The outcome of BCP Gold is a strong list of 15-20 candidate partners who are ready to be contacted for deeper qualification.

  • Our analysts will work with you to clearly define the product portfolio of your ideal channel partner.
  • We identify companies who supply complimentary products to your customers in your target markets.
  • From this master list, the best companies are selected based on the agreed criteria and placed in segmented folders in the dataset management system.
    Company profiles are updated with the latest available information and the standardised clear presentation makes them easy to compare.  
  • You will have visibility of project progression via the dataset management system. Each company profile has a private notes section where you, and our analysts, can comment on individual companies and attach documents.
  • Everyone from your company who is working on the partner recruitment project is invited to make use of our dataset management system.
  • Upon completion of the BCP Gold project, you can decide if you want to take it to the next level inhouse or ask our analysts to continue to the BCP Platinum phase.

We can complete this project quickly, much faster and more thoroughly than if you were to do it yourself. This frees up your time to work on other important tasks which only you can do!

BCP Platinum

The outcome of BCP Platinum is a short list of interested potential partners, who fit your criteria, and who are ready for interview. 

  • Our analysts will work with you to clearly define the attributes of your ideal channel partner, even information which may not be publicly available.
  • We have much experience in helping companies with the definition of the Ideal Channel Partner and will align this profile with your company vision and probe the candidates to assess the fit.
  • The candidates identified at the BCP Gold stage will be contacted and qualified by our consultants on your behalf.
  • We present your company in a way that will be attractive to your potential partners supplying them with information that clearly demonstrates why the match is a good fit.
  • Persistence is the key; we do not assume that the candidates are not interested until we get a definitive answer from them.
  • A questionnaire for the potential partners will be developed and presented to them which probes for deeper qualification.
  • Informal references for the top candidates will be gathered from other companies they work with to assess what they are really like to work with.

You will have all the background information to make the interviews with the finalists more productive. You will have confidence in your selection as our analysts will have ensured that you are choosing from the best!